food & beverage

FreshSpace offers multiple, unique points of influence across the path-to-purchase (largely in-home).

Click here to watch a brief animation of the process of the food & beverage path-to-purchase.

in store

  • 85% of shoppers buy
    from dairy every trip
in home

  • The #1 place to keep
    milk is on the top shelf,
    in the front

  • The fridge is opened on
    average 23 times daily

  • It is the first place
    visited when deciding

  • 93% of shoppers use grocery lists

  • While making their list:
    - 85% check the fridge
    - 96% check the milk

  • Milk is used every day:
    - 90% use it daily
    - 58% use it multiple times per day

  • Milk is used all day:
    - 89% at breakfast
    - 44% at lunch
    - 65% at dinner

  • Drive purchase intent and/or deliver usage
Source: Qualtrics Custom Research, 2012, n=1,137 primary grocery shoppers in HHs with kids