how do we make every kitchen

a fresh space?



we reward mom for

engaging with your brand online

  • Moms are 38% more likely to become fans of a brand or follow it online
  • We reward consumers’ engagement

our bread network delivers

impactful IRCs

  • 70% of shoppers visit packaged bread every shopping trip
  • Bread typically sits on top of the cart, creating opportunity for message delivery and instant coupon redemption
  • At home, 65% of shoppers check the bread while making their shopping list

we target moms as


  • They typically make the most household purchase decisions
    they plan the meals, make the lists and do the shopping
  • They “install” our media space in the heart of their home — the kitchen!
  • 85% of moms check the refrigerator while making their shopping lists

we turn tables...

into media space

  • FreshSpace opportunities can be found:
  • on kitchen tables and counters
  • during meals/snacks throughout the day
  • wherever dairy, produce and packaged breads are kept

the refrigerator is opened

23 times a day

  • It’s the first place families look when deciding meals/snacks
  • Milk, our #1 promotions carrier, is highly visible — on the top shelf, in the front

our ad space on milk

delivers your message

  • 96% of households drink it
  • It is a high-frequency purchase item
  • It is seen every day, throughout the day

our produce
network provides

the first impression

  • 90% of shoppers visit produce
  • It is typically the first stop in the grocery store
  • A shopper’s in-store selection process allows the opportunity to deliver your message or to drive instant coupon redemption
  • At home, 78% of shoppers check fresh produce while making their shopping list

we drive increased digital

brand engagement

  • In the last month, nearly one-third of all online consumers used social networking sites while eating or drinking at home
  • 75% of moms use Facebook — over half of their social media use was via mobile devices